High power shooting at SCSA is limited to our Chatham facility on Erhart road in Medina county. The facility allows both rim fire and center fire firearms up to but not including .50 Cal cased cartridges. This does not include muzzle loading type rifles .50 cal and above, which are permitted.

The ranges available are immediately west of the Chatham club house. They include 25 yd. 50 yd. and 100 yd. which are covered by a canopy. The 200 yd range is opened. All ranges included a number of shooting points to accommodate more than one shooter. Shooters must supply there own targets. Target frames to hang targets are available at the range.

Our range is opened without a range safety officer for the pleasure of the members during the clubs posted shooting hours of operation. There are however, club activities that take priority and the range will be closed. The shooter must be familiar with club calendar and news letter, which will save him or her an inconvenience. On rare occasions the club activity may be omitted from the calendar or a sudden emergency may occur. This of course means range closed, we apologize, please bear with us.

Members using the facility must practice safety first, at all times. Additionally, shooters must have completed the range safety access course, provided by SCSA, and display a range access sticker on their identification card . This I.D. Card must be carried at the range and presented when asked for, by any member of SCSA. Last, all range rules and regulation must be followed. It is the responsibility of the member to know the rules. Ignorance to the rules is no excuse.

Some new safety features have been implemented at the outdoor range. There is a flashing red strobe light under the canopy to the outdoor range. Any time a shooter moves in front of the firing line to tend targets or for whatever reason, the red strobe light should be activated. Any new shooters coming to the range and observing the red strobe lights activated(flashing) must insure that no one is in front of the firing line. They must insure that the strobe light was not left on by error or some type of prank. Someone could be in the brush or behind the bullet impact area too name but a couple reasons. It is your responsibility to make sure the range is safe before handling any firearms.

Between the 100 and 200 yd. ranges there is a sign posted indicating ALL RANGES CLOSED. If this sign is facing the firing line, all ranges are in fact CLOSED.. This sign is a backup to the red strobe lights. Again, it is the responsibility of the person using the range to insure no other person is forward of the firing lines before any firearms are handled.

Numerous high power matches are held throughout the year for the club member, their family, and the public, at the SCSA outdoor range. There are also club high power practices. These activities are indicated on line, in the monthly news letter,and through contact with the various committee chairman. See officers and chairman page.

SCSA emphasis is on our youth. A junior high power shooting program is available. Juniors of any age are welcome but must be capable of safely shouldering the firearms provided by the club. Juniors shooting the outdoor range generally shoot an AR-15 , .223 Cal. Rifle. They are not limited to this caliber, however. Indoors they shoot .22 Cal. Target type rifles. Juniors practice on Thursday evenings. Information for Junior shooting program is available by contacting a committee person.
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