Air Rifles

Sundays  12 to 2
All are welcome juniors and seniors. 

SCSA. has gun range rifles are provided.  The rifles range from entry level to competive rifles.   The instructors ken and al will walk the kids through a range safety.  The instructors will also work with the kids to improve their shooting.  

They  will help the kids determine there dominant eye, help them with the operation of the guns (different gun work different ways).  Has the kids progress they will move them from the sitting, prone, and finially the standing position.   There are a couple of kids that will make the trip to camp perry for the competition This is where they find Olympic shooters.  With 

How to hold the rifle  proper stances ,  the distance is 32 feet

Donuts and drinks are provided, 

Everything is provided. Shooting glasses , rifles, and pellets.   For more advance  shooters, they have jackets, and mats for prone shooters.


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