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Welcome to the SCSA Photo Gallery. This photo gallery is sponsored by Shutterfly and is a collection of albums created to post photos and video’s of past events and promote the activities of club. Posted photo’s can be downloaded for free or you may order prints, photo books etc through Shutterfly for a fee. These fees are paid directly to Shutterfly, SCSA is not responsible for them in any way shape or form and does not receive any money or benefit from purchases. To access the site go to or click on the following link:


 Picture are currently unavailable.


Committee heads and members are encouraged to send submissions to Ken Prince for upload and inclusion on the site. Submissions can be emailed to . Please include a brief description of what you want uploaded. Please let me know if the submission should be included in an existing album or if you prefer to create a new album. For example, if you have old photos you may prefer that they be included in the “History of South Cuyahoga” or “Memories” album. If you are documenting an event like this years youth hunt, creating an album will help direct people to your event.

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